BMI Healthcare - 2011 / 2012

"BMI Healthcare is delighted with the support Healthy Returns Consultancy (HRC) provided in 2011. Their customer focused team delivered a professional and compelling solution to meet our objectives and needs. The HRC team presented a comprehensive business case with effective solutions to the BMI Management Board. BMI endorses the work completed by Rick Haslam and the HRC team and recommend their passion and enthusiasm in driving business improvements."

Johann Alberts, Head of Health First

Capita Health and Wellbeing - 2011 / 2013

"From 2011 through to 2013 Healthy Returns Consultancy (HRC) has proactively supported the strategic development of Capita Health and Wellbeing. Their experienced team have delivered bespoke assignments and projects to a very high standard and crucially within tight timescales and defined budgets to help drive our business forward. We have no hesitation in recommending the services and support from Rick Haslam and his team."

Jason Powell, Executive Director

BMI Healthcare - 2012 / 2013

"From February 2012 Rick supported BMI Healthcare in an interim role as Commercial Director of our Intelligent Health division. The interim role was extended from the initial planned term to run for a total of 18 months. During this time Rick lead the team with passion and professionalism and delivered excellent results, winning major new contracts and improving the operation of the division via re-structuring and cost control. Under his commercial guidance, the turnover of the division is currently up £2M (7.5%) year on year and the profit has increased by £1M or 8.5%. I have no hesitation in recommending Rick."

Liz Sharp, Clinical Director

IPRS Health - 2013 / 2015

"IPRS Health contracted the services of Healthy Returns Consultancy in August 2013 and throughout the 2 year term of the agreement I have found the consultative support and communication to be excellent.

Rick was initially contracted to support me on a part-time basis as the workload within the Health business developed, his time was focused on a number of key clients and staff. He then progressed into a part-time mentoring role for the Senior Management Team within IPRS Health. 

 In September 2014 he was asked to support us in an interim part-time Managing Director role for IPRS Health as the team worked to develop its strategy and focus.   


I thank Rick for the work completed and recommend the services of Healthy Returns Consultancy."

Martyn Jackson, CEO

BMI Healthcare - 2015 / 2016

“Rick Haslam has been contracting with BMI for the last 11 months (following an initial 6-month term) and has been an integral part of our Health First department.  He was contacted by BMI following a previous successful period of contracting in 2013.

Rick has a wealth of knowledge in the health and wellbeing market and has provided invaluable support to my team and I during our transition period into the department.  In particular, Rick has demonstrated exemplary communication & negotiation skills, managing a large number of difficult accounts with ease, while simultaneously providing advice and guidance on an operational level to allow a smooth transition process and set up a new strategic direction for the Health First team.  During this time his “can-do” approach & flexibility have been well received by all stakeholders and have added to the overall transition success.”

Tracey Smith, NEC Director

LiveSmart - 2016 / 2017      

"Rick was initially recruited as a contractor, on 2 days a week, to assess the LiveSmart product, it’s market fit and commence engagement with pre-agreed target channels. After 3 months, Rick’s contract was extended to 4 days a week to cover further market engagement and support a seed funding raising/investment round. The investment round was successfully closed with over 150% of the initial goal secured in Jan 2017 and Rick was offered a Commercial Director role that commenced in Jan 2017.   

We thank him for his time, effort and hard work to help LiveSmart to get to a strong position in the health and wellbeing market."

Alex Heaton, Founder and CEO, LiveSmart

"Rick has a wealth of experience and a fantastic network in the industry. Rick is honest, insightful and thorough with his work. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He was very transparent with his invoicing, charging us less than what he quoted. Rick wasn't afraid to conclude that the project he was assessing was not an attractive opportunity despite this resulting in significantly less consultancy work from us in the future. I value Rick's integrity and his work enabled us to very quickly and efficiently alter the direction of our business."

Mike, CEO

Client - 2017

HRC Testimonials 

POhWER - 2020

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Richard on a collaborative product development project. Richard goes that extra mile, pushing boundaries to enable creative ideation and product development."


“What if the sky was yellow, instead of blue?"

Carmen Swan, Product Development Manager

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